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Ellman Radiosurgery

"Mermaid Girl" benefits from Ellman's Patented RF Technology

We are delighted to share with you another remarkable, ground-breaking, procedure using the Ellman high frequency/low temperature technology that has been appearing on news programs throughout the world.

You may have heard about this beautiful young 3-year old girl in Peru who has been nicknamed ¡§ Mermaid Girl¡¨ because she was born with a defect whereby her legs were completely fused together from her genitals all the way down to her ankles. This is a very unusual case that presented many life-threatening complications for this little girl.

Dr. Luis Rubio, a plastic surgeon from Lima, was able to use the Ellman Dual Frequency equipment to expertly separate her legs in a series of complex surgical procedure over a number of months. The results were not only cosmetically and functionally magnificent, they most likely save her young life. (Mermaid Girl) (Mermaid Girl PR) (Dr. Rubio RGB)

Ellman Radiosurgery Technology for
The Treatment of Sacrococcygeal Pilonidal
Sinus Disease in Colorectal Surgery

This is an article recently published in the American Journal of National Medical Association.

You will see that the use of Ellman Radiosurgery as compared to traditional Excision and Marsupialization decreased the operation time from an average of 36 minutes to only 10 minutes, reducing hospitalization hours from 30 to only 9, and patients could be back to work in only 6 days as compared to 16 days with the traditional approach. (Ellman Surgery)

Ellman Radiofrequency-Turbinectomy for nasal Obstruction Symptoms

This is an article recently appeared in the Clinical Otolaryngology, it features the advantages and benefits of using the Ellman 4.0 MHz high frequency/low temperature Radiosurgical equipment for Turbinectomy treatment of nasal obstruction.

Results showed that 3 to 30 months post operatively 85% of the patients reported a marked decrease in nasal obstruction. (Ellman ENT)

Ellman Surgitron Technology for
Endoscopie Radiofrequency Assisted Dacryocystorhinostomy

This clinical research paper is published in Orbit journal, it features the benefits and advantages of the high frequency/low temperature Ellman technology for ERA-DCR.

You will find that Ellman surgitron technology plays a contributing role in increased success rate of ERA-DCR. Click Here for Details BM-729.